Tiffany finds confidence to balance motherhood and work

CVGT Australia first met Tiffany Hearn when she joined the Parents Next program at the Ringwood office.

Tiffany had been busy with all that motherhood entails and found herself out of the workforce for some time. She had a strong desire to secure employment in order to provide a brighter future for her young children but was lacking in confidence.

After completing the ParentsNext program, Tiffany needed further support to gain the confidence and was referred to CVGT Australia’s Disability Employment Services in Rowville.

It was through this service that Tiffany met her employment consultant, Millie, who helped build up Tiffany’s self-belief in order to secure her a job.

“I could see that Tiffany was a people person with great potential and was eager to work again. Her biggest hurdle in gaining employment was her lack of confidence. I knew we could help her through this,” says Millie.

Not long after meeting with Tiffany, a job opportunity opened up as a retail assistant with Get Posh, a homewares wholesaler specialising in unique designs.

Millie contacted Tiffany to discuss the opportunity and an interview was arranged with the business owner, Gary Davis.

With help from Millie and the team at CVGT Australia, Tiffany was well prepared for her interview and was offered the position on the spot.

“I am so grateful for the continued support from CVGT Australia. If it wasn’t for the ParentsNext and Disability Employment Services programs I wouldn’t be where I am today,” says Tiffany.

Get Posh owner Gary is delighted with Tiffany. “Tiffany is enthusiastic and has a bubbly personality. It is great to have her working in the shop,” says Gary.

Gary has previously partnered with CVGT Australia to find staff. Ramie Chaouk was employed by Gary to work on invoicing and with customers.

“Whenever I have a vacancy, I call CVGT Australia. The service is free and I feel that I’m supporting my local community by employing their job-ready candidates,” says Gary.

CVGT Australia has enjoyed watching Tiffany develop into a strong and confident working mother.

“This employment opportunity was the perfect fit for Tiffany. She hit it off with Gary right away and it makes me so happy knowing that Tiffany is enjoying her role and the sense of purpose it provides,” says Millie.

If you need support or assistance with finding employment, call the team at CVGT Australia on 132 848.

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