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Be an “Employable Me” at local level

No viewer of ABC’s current show “Employable Me” on Tuesdays at 8.30pm could fail to be impressed at the commitment and courage of the stars of the program: six Australians with disabilities, searching for a job. These people share their frustrations and triumphs,...

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How do you create a low stress workplace?

Why do workplaces need to be stressful? Businesses who think that they get better results if their employees are stressed, working long hours or under pressure are making long-term mistakes. True, some pressure can be good. The extra adrenaline can help focus and...

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The staff member next to you may have disability

Did you realise that one in five people in Australia have some form of disability? So, the chances that you are employing – or working with - someone within this statistic is very high. A disability is a limitation, impairment or restriction that may limit full and...

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Top jobs for people with autism

Around 1 in 70 people in Australia are on the autism spectrum, according to Autism Spectrum Australia – but the unemployment rate for these Australians is 31.6% which is six times the rate of people without a disability. People who have been diagnosed with autism...

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Anthony takes control of his future

CVGT Australia delivers the Jobs Victoria Employment Network (JVEN) Program which is the Victorian Governments major activity to help Victorians facing barriers to employment into jobs. The program has achieved a number of positive outcomes and has made significant...

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Paulo delivers on CVGT promise

CVGT Australia’s Liverpool business development representative Paulo Ulbaldo is committed to delivering on CVGT’s promise of getting people jobs and providing employers with work ready people. Paulo delivers on the CVGT promise every day and often goes beyond his...

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CVGT Launceston Speed Interviews

CVGT Australia Launceston Disability Employment Services (DES) and jobactive programs have come together with over 30 local employers to engage and educate participants on the interviewing process by hosting a speed interview event. The event consists of multiple...

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