Working together is what makes the difference for our communities 

We work closely with businesses and industry every day to build inclusive practices, improve equality and ensure every person has access to employment.

Our collaborations are many, and they are formal and informal – from meeting in a boardroom to having a chat at a sports event.

Our partnerships are a shared vision for developing pathways to employment for people of all ages and abilities, from seeking positive outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in all communities, to ensuring young people have the support they need to make life-changing decisions.

They help us open doors and create amazing futures.

What is a partnership?

A partnership is an agreement between two or more organisations to share responsibilities of a combined goal.

Why partner with CVGT Employment?

Partnerships help us to formalise positive business relationships aimed at improving business outcomes. They also allow us to test new ways of working and provide evidence of improved service models to our funding bodies.

Why did our partnerships develop?

Our partnerships are developed to:
Connect more people to meaningful work
Promote and offer inclusive employment opportunities
Achieve inclusive community participation through employment

Who are our partnerships with?


A partnership between Inclusion Foundation, Torrens University and CVGT Employment delivering an employment education and preparation program for people with Down Syndrome.

Onemda logo

A  commitment exists between CVGT Employment and Onemda to work together to build pathways to employment for school leavers with disability.


We work closely with the Certificate II in Work Education students at Holmesglen’s Chadstone and Moorabbin campus to find and maintain suitable employment for students.


We work closely with Back2Work to support our participants capacity to re-enter the workforce. Participants are able to access additional non-vocational support through this partnership.


A partnership has recently developed between CVGT Employment and headspace in Echuca and Swan Hill. We are hoping to continue to broaden this partnership in more locations to improve mental health support for our youth participants.

Australian Network on Disability
Australian Network on Disability

We’ve partnered with Australian Network on Disability (AND), Employing 100 project, which aims to place 100 job seekers with disability into roles in the health care and social services sector. CVGT Employment with work closely with project employers in Melbourne to connect participants to work.

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Our partnership success stories

Andrew thrives thanks to inclusive workplace support

Disability inclusion is about creating an inclusive workplace where people with disability feel welcome, comfortable, supported and seen.  Environment plays a huge role in a person with disabilities success at work. Andrew has autism and an intellectual disability diagnosis.  Recently,…

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Down Syndrome Awareness Month 2023  

Understanding and celebrating Down syndrome. Every October, the world marks Down Syndrome Awareness Month. This month-long event celebrates each unique and individual person with Down syndrome and raises awareness, breaks down barriers, promotes inclusion and diversity and dispels myths surrounding…

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