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FREE youth employment support 

Struggling at school? Need support to manage your life? Want to build your confidence and plan the first steps in your career? 

Find the path that’s right for you with the support of our team. Work or study, we’ve got your back! 

Workforce Australia – Transition to Work is a free program helping people aged 15-24 across the Goulburn Murray and Border region of Victoria and New South Wales. 

Kick-start your career

How can Transition to Work help you?

Our youth employment mentors help you, in a relaxed and supporting environment, to finish your education or make a start in the workforce. 

You’ll get practical support and work experience to develop your skills and prepare you to launch your career!

  • A relaxed approach to understand, guide and support you in work or study. 
  • Help to produce a professional resume, application and cover letter.  
  • Assistance from our partners to find appropriate housing or medical support.  
  • Earn your driver’s license or other qualifications needed for work or study.  
  • Develop a plan for sustainable study or a meaningful career path that meets your needs.  
  • Follow-up support to ensure your success. 
  • It’s free! 

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Workforce Australia – Transition to Work success stories

➥ Am I eligible for Transition to Work? 

If you meet the core requirements below, it’s a great idea to get in touch with us to chat about your eligibility:

  • Aged 15-24 years on commencement in the service
  • An Australian citizen
  • The holder of a permanent visa, or a nominated Visa Holder (including a New Zealand Special Category Visa, Temporary Protection Visa Holder and a Safe Haven Visa Holder).

➥ How do I get involved in Transition to Work? 

There are three ways you can access this service:

  1. Contacting CVGT Employment direct – this is called ‘direct registration’. You can start that process by having a chat with us here.
  2. Referral from Centrelink – when you first claim income support.
  3. Referral by a Workforce Australia provider – a Workforce Australia provider may decide that Transition to Work will give you the best chance for employment or education.

Creating a dedicated youth space

Our team understands that talking about the problems you face or your hopes for the future can be a daunting experience. 

Many of the young people we have helped in Shepparton have felt more comfortable in our unique multi-purpose room, with interactive features such as weighted blankets and kinetic sand.  

It’s a safe space that has helped to give young people the chance to relax, chill out and engage with our youth employment experts. 

➥ Our Transition to Work service – meet our team here 

Find your nearest Transition to Work provider on the list below. If you’re not sure, please call us on 132 848.

➥ How Transition to Work can help your business

  • Skills training that meets your needs. 
  • Local knowledge that understands your business. 
  • Work experience placements to see if a young person is suitable for the job. 
  • Possible wage subsidies if you offer ongoing employment.
  • Post-placement support to make sure your new employee settles into their job. 

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