Zain builds confidence and starts a career 

It has been a big year for Zain. 

The young man has come a long way in a short time, going from novice to meaningful work during 2023. 

Workforce Australia Transition to Work program  

Zain was referred to the Workforce Australia – Transition to Work program here at CVGT Employment back in January. 

“He attended his initial appointment very shy, lacking confidence, very low self-worth and unable to attend without mum by his side,” CVGT Employment Youth Employment Mentor (YEM) Dakoda says. 

Zain struggled to look me in the eye and hold a conversation. He also had no previous work history or work experience to gauge any skill sets to add to a resume.
CVGT Employment Youth Employment Mentor

But this is where the CVGT Employment team gets to work. 

Helping Zain reclaim confidence  

As part of the Workforce Australia Transition to Work program, young people are supported in a relaxed environment to finish their education or make a start in the workforce. 

Dakoda built a plan with Zain to attend internal CVGT Employment workshops which he attended fortnightly with Employment Skills Mentor Rob in health and wellbeing, a youth specific workshop, and interview techniques and presentation. 

Zain also attended additional short courses with Letizia’s Training & Development in Barista and Food Handling to build his confidence in a group setting and gain valuable skills for potential employment.   

Work experience when you’re young 

After noticing a gradual shift in Zain’s confidence and work readiness, Dakoda engaged CVGT Employment Business Development Consultant David to assist with possible work experience. 

David was able to connect Zain with Shepparton business Gouge Linen Services. David and Dakoda even managed to work with the manager of Gouge to tailor a roster to allow Zain’s mother to drive him to work. 

A wage subsidy was also negotiated to assist the employer, while Zain was supported to purchase a backpack, water bottle, lunchbox and work attire, plus ongoing driving lessons. 

Benefits of being employed 

Since starting work in August, Zain’s progress has been remarkable.  

Zain called into the CVGT Employment Shepparton office unprompted after five weeks of employment to tell me how much he loves his job,
CVGT Employment Youth Employment Mentor

“He has such a spring in his step, and added confidence that he is now looking me in the eye when having these conversations. 

“Zain’s mother has also commented about how the whole experience so far has had such a positive effect.” 

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