Do you need help to get your career back on track?

After taking time off to raise children, getting back into study or work can be a daunting step. Our ParentsNext program is here to help you decide how you want to do it, then support you along the way.

What is ParentsNext?

It’s for parents with children under the age of six, and gets you ready for work by the time your youngest child reaches school age. We get to know your family, your needs and develop a plan to suit your individual circumstances.

Our ParentsNext coaches have a strong focus on building skills and confidence to prepare you for employment. Together we will develop a plan that sets out your goals and how you’re going to achieve them.


How can ParentsNext help you?

You will be assigned a dedicated ParentsNext coach to support you. working together you can:

  • Identify your education and employment goals
  • Create a plan to achieve your goals
  • Manage work or study with your family responsibilities
  • Access activities and services in your local community
  • Increase your educational qualifications
  • Develop practical skills to help you get a jobAccess child care assistance
  • What you can expect

    You will meet with your ParentsNext coach at least every 12 weeks. At these meetings you can expect to:

    • Identify new services and/or activities
    • Review your goals and update your participation plan
    • Be referred to other support services (if needed), and
    • Be referred to education and/or training opportunities

    Note: Attending appointments and activities is compulsory for Parenting Payment recipients. Your ParentsNext coach can help you understand what you must do to make sure you keep receiving your allowance.

    Work ready assessments

    As a ParentsNext participant, you may be required to participate in a work-ready assessment. These assessments take place every six months, and can help to:

    • Shape how we deliver ParentsNext assistance to you
    • Discover more about yourself and what motivates you
    • Set your long-term goals, and
    • Show your progress in ParentsNext

    You are eligible for ParentsNext if you:

    • Have been receiving Parenting Payment (Partnered or Single) continuously and not engaged in work in the last six months
    • Have a youngest child who is at least nine months and under six years of age
    • Are aged under 55, and
      • Are aged under 22, and have not completed the final year of school (or equivalent level of education, or
      • Are 22 or above, have not completed the final year of school (or equivalent level of education) and have been receiving income support continuously for more than two years, or
      • Have completed the final year of school and have been receiving income support continuously for more than four years.

    Request a consultation with ParentsNext

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    How can I access ParentsNext?

    Parents can access ParentsNext via:

    • The Department of Human Services – As a condition of receiving a Parenting Payment (These parents will be contacted by the Department)
    • Direct registration with CVGT Australia

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