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CVGT Australia has been providing employment services for more than 35 years. Our team has extensive employment services experience, ensuring our job seekers and participants are job ready and matched to employers who are committed to supporting them achieve their employment goals.

In 1983, the councils surrounding Bendigo responded to a survey on youth unemployment skill shortages in the area. There was a need to have young people actively employed, while learning the skills needed to become tradesmen in their chosen fields. Employment services provider Central Victoria Group Apprenticeship Scheme was born (now CVGT Australia).

In the beginning, we employed one manager who rode a bicycle to monitor the progress of his 12 apprentices. The business has grown from strength to strength. We employ more than 350 people in a diverse range of employment programs and specialties across Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania.

Delivering positive economic and social benefits to the community is at the heart of what we do. In addition to providing quality employment services, we have a real commitment to supporting the towns and cities where we operate. We do this through community grants, sponsorships and scholarships.

To achieve our renewed purpose of connecting more people to meaningful work we have developed four strategic priorities to drive board, executive and team actions for the next five years. You can read our goals and strategic priorities in the Strategic Plan 2020-25 Summary.

From the moment you first talk to us we will listen, work hard and deliver to your expectations. We promise!

Watch the video below to see how CVGT helped John find balance and meaningful employment.

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