Zach conquers fear to find purpose

Building skills and developing confidence in the workplace can be a long journey with many bumps in the road.

But with the support of CVGT Employment, Zach is embarking on what he hopes can be a long and fruitful career serving the community.

In 2023 when he chose to connect with our Echuca team, Zach was worried he would never find work.

His motivation levels were low and he lacked experience, while his physical and mental disabilities were barriers to employment.

“I didn’t know how to do anything or what kind of job I was looking for because I had no pathway before,” he says.

“For a long time, I was afraid to try and for a long time I just thought I would be on the dole forever.”

First steps towards employment goals

To help overcome those fears and start building some workplace experience, our team found Zach a volunteer role.

Completing volunteer shifts with Echuca Neighbourhood House, along with some internal workshops at CVGT Employment, saw Zach’s confidence begin to grow.

Employment Consultant, CVGT Employment Disability Employment Services

“During this time, he completed a Ready, Set, Digital Employment program which he found very useful,” Tammy says.

Ready to start a career

By the end of 2023, Zach was better prepared to try again to find paid employment.

“I met with Zach to chat about what job industries he is interested in,” Rhiannon, Echuca Business Development Consultant says.

“I was impressed by how intelligent Zach is. He had a keen interest in administration, and I knew he would be a great applicant for an administration position with Njernda Aboriginal Corporation.”

With the support of the Echuca team, a job application was made with the Njernda Aboriginal Corporation.

“Rhiannon organised an interview with Njernda and, with some application advice from CVGT Employment colleague Chris, Zach nailed the interview and was offered a position in administration,” Tammy says.

Njernda were so impressed and inspired by Zach’s determination to break through generational unemployment and were willing to support him in any way possible.

Business Development Consultant, CVGT Employment Disability Employment Services

“I try to get in early, I am at my desk a lot, I go to different rooms to take minutes for meetings,” Zach says.

“I email agendas, minutes and other information that is necessary to be communicated, and I may do an odd job here or there, including laminating and preparation for events.”

“It’s a good work environment and I work with good people.”

Key support provided

Zach is grateful for the support he’s received from CVGT Employment via the Disability Employment Services program, and glad he decided to change employment service providers.

CVGT Employment Echuca has helped Zach to pay for his work uniforms and shoes, organise driving lessons and, as he puts it, has provided a safe space to talk about his barriers and goals.

“This hasn’t been a smooth road for Zach, with new barriers to employment arising, however he feels more comfortable communicating with the team to get the support her needs to become more independent,” Tammy says.

I would say to people – don’t be afraid to try! Having a supportive provider and someone you can ask for help is important.

Go to CVGT Employment, they will get you employed!

Disability Employment Services Participant

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