Become a host employer to an apprentice or trainee

We are committed to prioritising your business by providing resources and cultivating a supportive network.

Who we are for business:
CVGT Employment recruit, interview, and employ apprentices and trainees under a training contract and place them with host employers.

Our goal is to encourage businesses to concentrate on their priorities, while we handle all the details.

As the employer, we make sure workers are treated fairly during their apprenticeship or traineeship term, all entitlements are paid, and regulatory requirements are met.
We’ll look after
  • WorkCover and OHS
  • Advertising any job vacancies
  • Filtering and selecting potential candidates
  • Assisting with the final interview process, if needed
  • Liaising with key partners, like AASNs and RTOs, to kick-start the training process
  • Supervising job performance and tracking educational development; and
  • Providing ongoing guidance and support to the trainee or apprentice throughout their tenure

What you’ll get
  • Access to financial incentives
  • Reduced paperwork
  • Dedicated Field Officer support
  • On-hand advice and guidance
  • Payroll and HR services
  • More time to focus on what matters most to you in your business

All we do is just the basic onsite work; CVGT Employment do everything else for us.
They actually save us time because we don’t have to do any of the book work.

Owner, Clark Metal Roofing
CVGT Employment and City of Greater Bendigo case study

Since 2018, the City of Greater Bendigo and CVGT Australia have been working together to create sustainable employment. Both organisations consider it an investment in the future – a cost-effective way…

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Who we are for apprentices and trainees

Our unwavering commitment and dedication have positioned us as a reliable career catalyst and a trusted mentor for those embarking on their apprenticeship or traineeship journey.

We aim to help people find their calling, kick-start (or reinvigorate!) their careers, be the stepping stone for passion pursuing, and initiate secure employment.

Above all, we the biggest cheerleaders for our apprentices and trainees, always ready with advice and support to help them thrive and successfully complete their training.


What is a traineeship or apprenticeship?
Traineeships and apprenticeships combine formal training with on-the-job learning in paid employment. They cover a broad range of industries and job types.

How does CVGT Employment Apprenticeships & Traineeships work?
CVGT Employment acts as an umbrella employer, placing trainees and apprentices with host businesses. They work in your workplace, gaining real-life skills while CVGT Employment handles payroll and administration.

Why is it good for my business?
Gain extra hands without the hassle. CVGT Employment takes care of legal requirements, leads you to government incentives, and frees you up to focus on your core business.

Who are the apprentices and trainees?
Candidates seeking work come to us. We screen for job readiness and support their transition to workplace training. You can also bring your own candidates and let us handle administrative tasks.

What do I have to do?
Chat with a CVGT Employment Field Officer about your business needs. If an apprentice or trainee is the right fit, we’ll guide you through the process and requirements.

Apprenticeships & Traineeships

Apprenticeships & Traineeships

For 40 years, we have proudly helped businesses to thrive by being the supportive link between them and their apprentices & trainees

Apprentices and trainees are employed by us and placed with you, the host employer. You can focus on your business and we take care of all the paperwork.

Chat with us about becoming a host employer.

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