With CVGT Australia as your job partner you can be assured you will have access to any Australian Government incentives that you may be eligible to receive.

Current job seeker incentives include:

Job Commitment Bonus

Encouraging long-term unemployed young Australians to find and keep a job. Under this incentive, eligible job seekers aged 18 to 30 will receive up to $6,500 (tax free) in Australian Government assistance if they enter and maintain employment for two years*

Relocation Assistance to take up a job

Under this incentive, eligible job seekers who need help to relocate to enter ongoing and sustainable employment may receive up to $3,000 if relocating to a capital city, $6,000 if relocating to a regional area and and extra $3,000 if relocating with dependent children*

Talk to us today for the latest information about these and any other assistance available to you.

* Conditions apply. Benefits and services are subject to change at any time without notice. Please check with CVGT Australia for full and current details.

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Employer Incentives

You may be eligible to receive a wage subsidy or Australian Government incentive.

Incentives for Job Seekers

Incentives include Job Commitment Bonus & Relocation Assistance.

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