We value your feedback at CVGT Employment

We value your feedback about the service we provide. You can contact CVGT Employment by:

  • Calling our Customer Service Centre on 132 848
  • Visit your nearest branch
  • Write to your local branch manager
  • Completing our contact form

We value your opinion and want to hear what you think about us. We will use your feedback to improve our services. If you have experienced exceptional service, we want to hear about it.

If you feel we haven’t met your expectations, let us know so we can improve in the future. We will:

  • Deal with your concerns or complaint promptly, fairly, completely and courteously; informing you of how we propose to act, how long it should take and what the results are.
  • Review your complaint, if you feel that it has not been resolved to your satisfaction.
  • Advise you of the appropriate Government Department and/or Commonwealth Ombudsman’s Office if we cannot resolve your complaint.

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