‘Work literally saved my life’- Mark’s triumph over mental health

Mark who is Autistic, has battled mental health struggles his whole life.

In a dark place and needing support, Mark connected with CVGT Employment Disability Employment Services in 2022.

Four months ago, he found meaningful work at Battery Service Australia Pty Ltd, thanks to the support of the CVGT Employment Wodonga team.

“It’s given me a reason to get up in the morning,” Mark says of work.

My mental health is the best it’s ever been. I am happy and healthy!
Disability Employment Services participant

Mark checking the charge on the battery to keep machinery at optimal performance.

Mark owned and operated his own led lighting and glass business until a motorcycle accident in 1983 left him with multiple physical injuries.

“My right knee has no cartilage. My left leg is held together by pins and my left shoulder needs replacing.

“Every step causes me pain.”

“Unable to do physically demanding work after the accident he found it hard to compete with able bodied men when job seeking,” Dimitti, CVGT Employment Business Development Consultant says.

“Mark was in debt and battling severe depression. He couldn’t see a way out of the dark place he was in.

“His self-confidence was at an all-time low. He felt hopeless and unsure if he would be able to retrain to find work.

“We paid for Mark to get his forklift licence, which he successfully completed – that boosted his spirits a bit.”

“Josh my Employment Consultant and Dimitti always tried to lift me up a little bit every time I came into the CVGT Employment office,” Mark says. 

Battery Services Australia Pty Ltd contacted CVGT Employment to find a Battery Change Operator working one day a week.

“I immediately contacted Mark. He was the perfect fit,” Dimitti says.

Mark soon started work and it wasn’t long before one day a week turned into part- time employment, four days a week.

“Mark is very supportive and available to work any shift when requested. He jumps at the chance to fill in if someone calls in sick and is always asking if I have any additional shifts,” Indika Bamiwewa, Operations Manager at Battery Services Australia Pty Ltd says.

Mark thanks CVGT Employment Wodonga team for ‘believing in me’.

“Battery Services Australia Pty Ltd has a diversity and equity inclusion program and therefore, using CVGT Employment Disability Employment Services assists us with filling this commitment and helps us find the right person who is suitable for the job.

“Previously we struggled to find the right people in Wodonga. It’s been very helpful to partner with CVGT Employment, getting assistance with screening applicants and the induction process.”

I encourage other businesses to partner with CVGT Employment – you can trust that they will listen to what you are looking for.
Indika Bamiwewa
Battery Services Australia Pty Ltd Operations Manager

Mark still has a lot of barriers including upcoming surgery; however, he is working through it in a job that works for him.

“This is what we do, we find roles that will work around our participants barriers,” Dimitti says.

“The job means he has more financial capability and he can look after himself.”

“Work literally saved my life,” Mark says. “I don’t think I would be here if not for Dimitti and Josh at CVGT Employment.”

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