Building a support network and finding a career

For Steph, a key step towards finding meaningful employment was getting access to “useful support”.

“Anxiety is such a big part of my life,” she says.

“Looking for work was all new to me and I had no idea what to expect and how to do job searching and interviews.

“It’s so important having someone to talk to and bounce ideas off.”

Experienced team ready to help

Coming to CVGT Employment and becoming part of our Disability Employment Services program was a big step for Steph.

Struggling with low levels of confidence and experience while also needing to develop her communication skills, the CVGT team could see Steph would benefit from some small goal setting.

With a career in health identified as a goal, CVGT was able to organise a meet-and-greet with a training institution, help her to enrol and then support her to settle into her studies.

When employment was raised soon after, CVGT was on hand again to connect Steph with a suitable role while also offering financial support when it was needed.

Goals within sight

After finding it impossible to leave her home for almost a decade, Steph is now studying and working three days a week as a cleaner for a health care organisation.

“I am studying a Certificate IV in Community Services with goals towards further education after,” she says, “and my long-term goal is to get into a role as a mental health peer support worker, eventually becoming a social worker.

“Taking on this job has given me good experience when it comes to people, flexibility, and general work experience.

I enjoy doing my own thing to clean and tidy and leave the place nice. I know I am doing something useful. The team is lovely.

New confidence shows

While fully aware her anxiety could resurface, Steph is also confident in the support she now has around her.

“I am aware of not doing too much and being mindful of where I am – if I don’t, I’ll end up back where I was.

“I have plans in place for if things pop up. I have my provider to talk to about work. School has support and work has support if I need.”

And Steph would encourage others facing similar challenges to be comfortable speaking about their disabilities.

“(I would encourage) Being able to ask for help, getting support, not being afraid to speak up even if you have a disability that isn’t visible,” she says.

“Knowing what you need, knowing it’s OK to ask, advocating for yourself.”

*Steph’s name has been changed to protect her privacy

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