Murray’s long journey to success

Long-term unemployment is a grind, and for many people it can feel inescapable.

But the journey of CVGT Employment participant Murray shows how being persistent, while getting the right support, can lead to a brighter future.

Murray had been part of the employment support system since 2009, struggling to overcome a series of barriers to finding and staying in stable work.

“Murray had some dependency issues early on and he worked very hard to overcome these,” CVGT consultant Karie says.

“I personally remember him coming into appointments a few years ago and getting very angry very quickly.”

To begin to address some of these issues, CVGT Employment connected Murray with a range of support services, including counselling, rehabilitation and education with The Indie School.

Getting towards the end of his certificate, we could see the change in Murray,
CVGT Employment Consultant

“He was more confident, chattier, smiling, joking with the staff – even cheeky at times.

“We always got a bit of a lift when Murray came to his appointments.”

The boost to Murray’s own confidence and prospects was made clear when a job became available with a local business, which he was successful in securing.

CVGT purchased Murray a bicycle to allow him to get to work each day, and his consultants provided extensive post-placement support to ensure his employer – Flick – was happy.

“The rest, as they say, is history,” Karie says.

“This is the most satisfying 26-week outcome I have witnessed since I started in my role as an employment consultant.

“I could not be prouder of what this man has achieved. Many people would have put Murray in the too hard basket.

“While we played a vital supporting role in his development, the big winner is Murray!”

To learn more about how our team can provide dedicated support to help you find meaningful employment, contact CVGT Employment on 132 848.

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