Lizzie adjusts to working from home

Earlier this year, Lizzie was on a mission to find work in administration. With a quick Google search, Lizzie discovered CVGT Australia and registered with our Box Hill office as a voluntary participant.

Lizzie applied for several positions for which she was qualified however was unsuccessful due to the phone work involved – these tasks are difficult for Lizzie because of her hearing impairment. Lizzie was becoming frustrated with her lack of success.

Employment consultant Glenda supported Lizzie by contacting an employer to advocate for Lizzie’s excellent face-to-face and verbal communications skills as well as her data entry skills and previous administration experience. Glenda also explained to the employer that due to a hearing impairment, Lizzie would be best suited to a role that does not involve telephone work.

An administrative assistant vacancy came up at a legal consulting organisation and Lizzie was successful in obtaining an interview. Glenda supported Lizzie with interview techniques and practised moderating her speech speed prior to the interview. The preparation paid off with Lizzie being the successful candidate.

It was an interesting first week for Lizzie who initially started working in the office but due the global pandemic transitioned to working from home.

Like many of us adjusting to working from home, Lizzie had to overcome a few hurdles in communicating with the team remotely. To keep herself motivated during lockdown, she enrolled in a Certificate in Payroll.

Despite a less than traditional start to her career, Lizzie has sustained her employment and, like many of us, is looking forward to returning to the office.

Lizzie recently expressed her gratitude in an email to CVGT thanking the team along with disability employment consultant George, who initially welcomed Lizzie to CVGT Box Hill.

“I appreciate your support – when I get frustrated about work you have helped me to stay calm which is not always easy during this time,” says Lizzie.

CVGT Box Hill team is delighted to have supported Lizzie in her mission to find a job in administration.

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