Launceston Speed Interviewing event done for another year!

In its fifth year the CVGT Employment Launceston Speed Interviewing event kicked off on Thursday May 11 at the Launceston Conference Centre.  

With more than 150 people in attendance, 60 job seekers participated in three-minute interviews with employers on the lookout for new staff.  

This event enables job seekers to practice their interviewing skills with the possibility to land a job. For employers, the event gives access to job ready people saving them recruitment time and money.  

Launceston Manager, Alexis Smith said the day was successful, with conversations, job offers and details exchanged for future catch ups between jobseekers and employers. 

“Really enjoyed the afternoon … I came away with a couple of contacts. It was a great experience.”

– Darrell, participant. 

“Great fun. Such a great opportunity to talk with so many people that I might not have been able to otherwise. A few people said that they would check with their bosses and companies and get back to me.”

– Nerys, participant. 

Feedback from employers in attendance:

“A couple of people familiar with my industry and showed interest. There has been a couple of positives, and have spoken about catching up after the event. I would absolutely do it again.”

– Mark Jenkins, JBS Australia. 

“(I met) a few people today that were certainly genuinely searching for work. It was worthwhile coming, will follow with three or four candidates.”

​​​​​​​- Damien Rhind, KEEN Partners. 

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