An act of kindness – Community Chest donate sleeping bags to homeless participants

Conroy, CVGT Employment Workforce Australia participant, has been living on the streets in Wodonga. Thanks to the Albury Wodonga Community Chest Incorporated, who made a generous donation to CVGT Employment, he now has a sleeping bag backpack swag to keep him warm at night.

I’ve been so cold. To keep warm at night, I’ve slept under a pile of leaves. I’ve gone to public toilets, collected toilet paper, rolled it in wads and stuffed it down my shirt for insulation.
Workforce Australia participant

Annette from the Albury Wodonga Community Chest Incorporated recently reached out to CVGT Employment to donate ten sleeping bag backpacks for homeless participants.

“We accepted this kind donation and distributed the sleeping bags to participants who are currently homeless, one of those participants being Conroy,” Karie, CVGT Employment Wodonga Team Leader says.

Conroy is so grateful for the donation.
CVGT Employment Wodonga Team Leader

Conroy shared his story with the CVGT Employment and Community Chest team.

“It was very emotional, confronting and humbling,” Karie says of listening to Conroy.

“Can you imagine being in his place? What would it take for you to end up homeless? The reality is, not that much. It really makes you feel grateful for all that you have.”

CVGT Employment and Conroy are so thankful to Annette and the team at Albury Wodonga Community Chest for their kind donation.

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