Against all odds: James incredible journey to finding work

While James endured significant barriers to employment there were two things that helped get him through – the Wangaratta CVGT Employment team and the motivation to finally make a change.  

“James had been long-term unemployed and battling some significant barriers to employment,” Danni Dacre, Wangaratta CVGT Employment Consultant says.  

“James had been through tough times, even finding it difficult in the past to turn up for appointments.”  

Danni and the CVGT Employment Wangaratta team developed a strong and positive relationship with James over the past 12 months.  

We have grown a strong working relationship with James, focusing on achieving small goals towards his goal of gaining employment.

Throughout this journey James has made major steps forward and built confidence in himself.

Employment Consultant,CVGT Employment Wangaratta

Recently, James surprised the Wangaratta team when he popped into the office to let them know he had scheduled a job interview – a major celebratory milestone for James.  

“We were thrilled for him,” Danni says.  

The next day following his interview, James rode his push bike to the office again to let the team know he got the job.  

“I have goosebumps I am so excited!” James said.  

“You could not wipe the smile off his face,” Danni says. 

“We were all so happy and every member of the site came out to congratulate James.”  

James is now happily working at Australian Textiles. His quality of life has improved and the barriers to employment he faced in the past are manageable. Against all odds he finally found meaningful work.  

This is what I love about my job and the team that I work in. Was such a proud moment for James and for the whole CVGT Wangaratta Team.

Employment Consultant,CVGT Employment Wangaratta

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