YConnect youth mentor helps Zavier turn her life around

Zavier suffered from poor mental health that led her down a dark path to addiction and violence. After being released on bail, Zavier knew she needed help to turn her life around. In December 2021, the Youth Justice Department referred her to the CVGT Employment YConnect program where Antonella (Anty) became her youth mentor.  

Recovering from addiction was really challenging. Having a mentor helped me to gain the strength and courage I needed to make a change.

YConnect program participant

Lacking a positive support network

Zavier was under Intervention Order (IVO) conditions. An IVO is a court-ordered intervention that protects family members from an individual that makes them feel unsafe. As a result of the order, Zavier had very few people in her life that could support her. She was alone and homeless.  

Connecting to a youth mentor

“Zavier and I had talked on Teams,” YConnect youth mentor Anty says. “In January 2022, we met for the first time face-to-face in the CVGT Employment Craigieburn office.”  

Anty immediately sought Zavier additional support to overcome addiction by referring her to the Youth Support Advocacy Service Centre (YSAS). Then, drawing on her employment expertise Anty started to develop a pathway plan to help Zavier gain work.  

“Zavier wanted a permanent residence, a place to call her own. She knew to achieve this, she had to get a job,” Anty says.  

Career guidance and advice

 Together, they worked on developing employability skills, including rehearsing interviews and confidence-boosting techniques. Anty also encouraged Zavier to get her driver’s license, a major barrier that often holds back job seekers from obtaining employment. Anty arranged for Zavier to complete her White Card course, giving her the licence needed to carry out construction work.  

“Zavier had the strength and determination. I just needed to mentor her in the right direction,” Anty says.  

With Anty’s help and guidance, Zavier was successfully offered a store worker role with Flexi Personnel.  

Positive transformation

Zavier has successfully turned her life around – overcoming addiction, homelessness, and isolation – recently celebrating her six-month milestone at Flexi Personnel.  

Seeing this kind of transformation is what this job as a mentor is all about. It lights my heart that I get to spend valuable time helping young people see their worth and strength.

YConnect youth employment mentor, CVGT Employment

What are the benefits of youth mentoring?

Accessing youth mentorship through our YConnect program can help you build positive relationships with caring and supportive experts.  

Some of the benefits of accessing YConnect youth employment mentoring and coaching include: 

  • Support and encouragement.  
  • Guidance from someone that has your best interests.  
  • Career advice.  
  • Assistance to build social and emotional well-being.  
  • Support to improve self-esteem and confidence.  
  • Assistance to overcome barriers.  
  • Unbiased and honest advice.  
  • Access to experience and expertise.  
  • Positive role model.  
  • Assistance and knowledge to connect you to the right support services. 
  • Help to form positive connections.  
  • Pathway plan to improved quality of life.  
  • Vocational and non-vocational training.  
  • Resume and cover letter writing.  
  • Assistance to apply for and obtain meaningful work.

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