Working is good for the soul

Are you considering hiring a person with a disability?

Consider that this decision will deliver more results than just filling a vacant employment position.

Not only will you be changing a person’s life but you will be contributing to improving your local community as well.

When a person gets a job, they immediately have more income to use, they:
  • buy more or better items for themselves and homes
  • enjoy more recreation opportunities with friends and family
  • going to local restaurants, films and sporting events
  • go on holidays
  • invest in cars and homes, which need services and maintenance that are bought locally
  • buy TVs and computers
  • may even invest their salary into further education that brings dividends to their workplace and society as a whole.

The money they earn goes back into local businesses and economy, boosting the wellbeing of everyone.

It also generates taxes that can be fed back into schools, roads and hospitals and reduces the demand on local support services.

The positive impact

People feel like they have a purpose and are part of society when they have a job and are part of a team.

Employees that feel value, respected and needed have higher self esteem and mental health.

Having financial independence gives a huge emotional payback. Having a job makes people feel better about themselves. It improves their self-esteem. It gives people purpose and focus for their day, a reason to get out of bed and to engage with their friends and workmates.

A better standard of living, as a result of steady employment, can improve physical health for that person, accessing quality food and better meal choices. It encourages them to be more active physically and socially.

And the businesses who employ people with disability gain great benefits as well. Not only do these companies enjoy a wider range of skills and talents offer by people with disability, they gain valuable and reliable staff. Research shows that workers with disability have higher rates of retention, better attendance and fewer occupational health and safety incidents.

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