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With CVGT Employment as your job partner, you can look forward to a smooth transition from school to work, apprenticeships or traineeships, job to job or returning to the workplace with confidence.

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CVGT Employment can assist you with career planning, training, support and advice on jobs, promoting you to employers, preparing your application letter and resume, settling into your job, work experience, job interviews and more.

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Whether you’re looking for a career change, an apprenticeship or to upskill your existing skills, CVGT Employment can help you unlock your true potential.

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Whether you’re weighing up your future at school, have just left study or wanting to do more training and struggling to decide where you could fit in the workforce, our FREE Youth Employment Services are ready to help. 

How we’ve helped people just like you find meaningful work

ParentsNext makes ‘dream job’ possible for Tammy

When Tammy joined CVGT Employment ParentsNext in Wodonga, she needed support to re-enter the workforce. As a newly single Mum of two young girls, with no childcare in place and debt mounting she started to lose confidence in achieving her employment goals. “I was feeling really low, my whole life had been flipped upside down,”…

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Andrew thrives thanks to inclusive workplace support

Disability inclusion is about creating an inclusive workplace where people with disability feel welcome, comfortable, supported and seen.  Environment plays a huge role in a person with disability’s success at work. Andrew has autism and an intellectual disability diagnosis.  Recently, with the support of CVGT Employments Specialist Disability Employment Team (SDET) he started working at…

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International Day of People with Disability (IDPwD)  – Sunday December 3, 2023

International Day of People with a Disability (IDPwD) is on Sunday 3 December 2023.  Table of ContentsWhat is IDPwD?Why does CVGT Employment celebrate IDPwD?Our services support people with disability to find meaningful workWorking together is what makes the difference for our communitiesNot every disability is visible, some are hiddenHow we’re celebrating IDPwD in our communitiesOur…

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No looking back for Jade

Here at CVGT Employment we support people from a whole range of different backgrounds to find meaningful work. Many of those we work with come to us to get the guidance and encouragement they need to get their careers back on track. Jade is a great example of how we can help, having struggled to…

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Belinda making a difference in her neighbourhood

Neighbourhood houses are crucial organisations doing important work in houses in local communities across Australia. They provide education, support and friendship to a diverse range of people in big cities and small towns. At Ararat in western Victoria, the local Neighbourhood House is also providing meaningful employment to Belinda, who first connected with us at…

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Helping Emma get her career back on track

Like many of the people we support here at CVGT Employment, Emma struggles with a mental health condition and a lack of confidence. When she connected with our Albury team, Emma also wanted support to develop her skills to better prepare her for re-entry to the workforce. Consultant Adele found the perfect way to address…

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