Laura gets YConnect-ed to Woolworths

Laura was lost during the COVID-19 lockdowns.  

But during 2021, she chose to join CVGT Employment’s YConnect program to help find her way. 

After working with her employment mentor Vanessa, she landed her first job at Woolworths.

I am very grateful for Vanessa’s help and for the YConnect program overall.
They supported me during the process of preparing for and finding a job.

YConnect program participant

What is YConnect?

YConnect helps young people aged 15-24 living in Victoria on their path to finding meaningful work. 

Supported by Jobs Victoria, YConnect is a voluntary, free jobs program designed to help participants set goals and take steps towards achieving them. 

Finding the right career path

Laura, like many who have never worked before, was unsure which career path to pursue.  

Laura struggled with her confidence and didn’t know if she should study or work.
She needed some support to help her head in the right direction.

YConnect employment mentor

Job seeking for the first time

As part of the YConnect service, Vanessa helped Laura create her first resume and cover letter. 

Immediately, they started applying for suitable work.  

“Vanessa was very supportive throughout the process of helping me find employment,” Laura says. 

Dealing with job rejection

Laura, like many young people seeking employment for the first time, experienced job rejection. 

Thanks to Vanessa’s guidance and support, Laura was able to persevere.  

Vanessa was really supportive and encouraging throughout the whole process and that really helped me to not be so disheartened when I didn’t hear back about a job.

YConnect program participant

Laura lands her first job at Woolworths

When Woolworths contacted the YConnect program to help them recruit for a check-out operator, Vanessa knew that Laura would be a good fit. 

Together, they customised a cover letter and resume to suit the position. Soon after applying, Laura was offered the job. 

Starting work

In March 2022, Laura joined Woolworths part-time as a checkout operator. 

In no time, she became an important and valued member of the team.

Post placement support

Vanessa continued to assist Laura after her initial placement by contacting her and her Woolworths manager regularly.  

“We continued to help post placement,” Vanessa says.  

“We ordered Laura’s uniform, helped her understand her payslips, provided advice on how to ask for leave, call in sick – all the knowledge you need when first starting work.” 

Laura achieves her six-month employment milestone and completes the YConnect program

In September, Laura reached her six-month employment milestone. This milestone marked the successful completion of the YConnect program. 

Now Laura is aiming for team leadership.  

“We recently purchased Laura her first aid and CPR training course,” Vanessa says.  

“She needs these qualifications to progress to a team leader position and despite having completed our YConnect program we still want to give her everything she needs to achieve her career goals.” 

Laura thanks Vanessa and YConnect

Vanessa and YConnect helped me a lot with my confidence.
I am very grateful for Vanessa’s help and for the YConnect program overall, they really supported me during the process of finding, preparing, and keeping a job.

YConnect program participant

You can get connected too

If you’re like Laura and not sure about what to do after finishing school, that’s OK!  

Our team of youth employment specialists can help you find the path that’s right for you. Say YES to your future – get in touch with us today on 132 848 or visit

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