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hours 2 change

Tassie is hOurs 2 change,
Ours to help, and
Our community is h
Ours to save!

CVGT Job Drive

Like the rest of the world, our community has been hit hard by the recent unemployment crisis.

We have seen an unprecedented number of people requesting help, and we’re reaching out to the local community for support through hOurs 2 change.

How can you help?

Normally when people reach out for help, they raise dollars. Instead, we’re looking to raise hours!

And we want to raise 2,020 hours by August 31st 2020.

Let’s change 2020 to a positive number!

If you’re a business who has not been significantly impacted, or who has perhaps experienced growth, we’re asking you to pledge some HOURS for someone.

You may not have a full-time job to pledge, so pledge what you can.

Have 15 hours per week for someone? Register that with us.

Have 40 hours per week? Great! That could help one or two people!

Have 10 hours? Awesome! Every hour helps!

Call us on 13 28 48 or contact us if you’re unsure whether you can help, and we can arrange a site visit.

How is CVGT going to help?

We’re pledging the first 40 hours!

We can also assist with some financial support to help with the training and development of your new full, part-time or casual employee.

We can assist with PPE, uniform, pre-employment checks and most other requirements, to ease the financial burden.

Make your pledge below, and one of our consultants will call you to discuss.


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