We were a flexible and focused organisation in 2022-2023

Our 2022-2023 Annual Report is available

We employed more than 400 people across New South Wales, Tasmania and Victoria, offering seven employment programs to meet community needs and expectations for sustainable employment and economic activity.

CVGT Employment’s Board of Directors has endorsed the organisation’s 2022-2023 Annual Report, highlighting a flexible and focussed workforce following the uncertainty of COVID-19.

AGM and Chair election

At the AGM, Chair Elizabeth Corbett was re-elected for another 12-month term, while Lee Bombardieri was confirmed as Deputy Chair. 

Emerging from uncertainty with focus and positivity

Ms Corbett highlighted CVGT Employment’s newfound focus to work with our stakeholders in delivering quality service outcomes for participants and striving to achieve our vision: Opening doors – creating amazing futures.

The Board decision last year to invest in growing CVGT Employment’s digital capability continues to show rewards across all parts of the business, and we can proudly declare the organisation has made remarkable progress in reshaping the way we operate and serve our stakeholders.

If we look at our financial result for the 2022/23 financial year, it is pleasing to note that despite a variety of organisational challenges, CVGT Employment has delivered a surplus of $4.7m. It is testament to the dedication and hard work of our staff in delivering customer focused services.

Community Grants program

With so many communities impacted by devastating floods the Board wanted to target and extend the reach to organisations offering material aid, counselling and/or financial assistance to those in the affected areas.

Based on the recommendations of our staff on the ground, $200,000 was provided to 45 organisations and service outlets where CVGT Employment has a presence.

It was with great pleasure that fellow board members and I visited many of the recipients to see firsthand the invaluable work undertaken by them, and to learn how our donations have impacted their individual programs and projects.

Elizabeth Corbett
Chair of the Board of Directors
CVGT Employment

Starting with a historical low

Chief Executive Officer Jason Russell noted the financial year started with the unemployment rate at a historical low of 3.5%, and the participation rate at a high of 66.8%.

The unemployment rate remained at record lows throughout the year and began to impact our caseload sizes, as an increasing number of participants found meaningful employment.

A new dawn

CVGT Employment was successful in tendering for four new Workforce Australia licenses, one being the new region of Bendigo. This required new offices to be set up, staff to be hired and inducted into our new Service Delivery processes.

[New Workforce Australia licenses] signalled a time for change and a review of our structure to ensure we had the appropriate roles and expertise to focus on the key areas of importance in the new contracts, such as Governance, Service Delivery, Quality Assurance and Employer Engagement.

Jason Russell
Chief Executive Officer
CVGT Employment

A new name, look and feel

It was exciting to see the roll out of the new CVGT Employment name and branding across all sites throughout the year, and the new uniform range, which was also launched in July 2022.

The new signage, documentation and uniforms have been positively received by both staff and participants, as the new refreshed look makes CVGT Employment look modern and engaging.

CVGT Employment is a not-for-profit, for-purpose charity with more than 120 locations, supporting more local people to find meaningful work. 

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