Work: It’s a dose of good medicine 

Meaningful work is good for you! 

There’s research outlining a range of health benefits from heading to the office, café or wherever it is that work happens for you. 

The social determinants of health include the conditions in which we work, live and play.  

Good work improves general health and wellbeing, and it’s been shown to reduce psychological stress and mental illness. It’s also helpful for improving mobility and muscular development. Work can make you stronger. 

Having a job doesn’t just support your physical body. It also helps to keep your mind healthier and relationships happier. There are negative impacts from not working, including poorer immunity and increased mortality. 

If you’re returning to work or seeking a job for the first time, you’re about to get a dose of the good stuff. The positive impact will ripple out to your family, friends and community. 

The health benefits of going to work

  1. Boosts physical activity 

Work will get you moving, which benefits overall health. Physical activity can reduce blood pressure and promote better sleep. Some jobs require more movement than others but all work offers benefits. Returning to work can support your rehabilitation after an absence. 

  1. Reduces social isolation  

Feeling lonely is no fun. Loneliness has even been recognised as a significant health issue. Going to work connects you to colleagues and people in your community. A welcoming and inclusive workplace is great way to get out of the house and connect with others. 

  1. Gives life meaning 

Work can bring meaning because you feel like you matter. A job gives people a sense of pride, place and identity. At work you get to learn new things, achieve goals and develop capabilities. The routine of going to work helps to structure days and weeks so you appreciate time. 

  1. Pays the bills 

Money, money, money. Life feels a bit easier when you can pay the bills. Having regular income reduces financial pressure. You can access the necessities you and your family need like housing, food or clothing. You also gain the freedom to do or buy things, have fun and live a good life. 

  1. Boosts mental health 

When you feel valued at work it can bolster self-esteem. Having a job gives people a sense of identity. Achieving goals in a supportive workplace builds confidence and self-satisfaction. This creates momentum and possibility, and supports personal development.  

What’s the meaning of all this? 

Meaningful work gives life purpose. At CVGT Employment we know it’s about more than just the pay. Work is a reason to get out of bed in the morning (even if you hit snooze a few times).  

People who have meaningful work are generally happier and healthier humans. Their work holds value and interest. The job is something they care about, and it supports them to care for themselves and their family.  

When you join a workplace you become part of a team. Together you might deliver a service or solve a problem for customers. Doing that brings satisfaction. You feel like you have a place in the world. That’s huge for self-esteem and identity, and that motivates people to turn up and live life. 

Meaningful work inspires people. It gets them involved in their workplace. They want to play their part and do a good job, which boosts workplace productivity and engagement.  

Going back to work is good for you 

The right work can assist with recovery, especially for mental health and musculoskeletal issues like back or neck pain.  

Research shows that the longer a person stays away from work, the harder it can be to go back.  

That’s why support from CVGT Employment is so valuable. We liaise with employers to check that the workplace is OHS safe and ready for you. We can also get you ready with retraining after time away from the workforce.  

Whether you’re a parent returning to work after maternity leave, a person with anxiety or someone changing careers after 50, we can help with the transition to work.  

CVGT helps job seekers to find meaningful work 

We know good work supports a good life and good health.  

We spend time and effort to match people with the right business where the work feels meaningful and rewarding. That’s how we support your success at work and in life.  

Good work is so important to the health and wellbeing of individuals, families, businesses and communities that there’s an Australian Consensus Statement with a bunch of signatories who want to make good work available.   

We make it happen every day. If you’re a job seeker or an employer looking for employees, get in touch with a local CVGT Employment consultant today on 132 848.

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