What is Workforce Australia? 

Australian job seekers will have a new employment support system to help them find work from Friday 1 July. 

Workforce Australia is a new program that replaces the jobactive program. 

CVGT Employment is a Workforce Australia Services provider with a dedicated team to continue supporting job seekers in local communities. The Workforce Australia service that will be most suitable for you will depend on your individual circumstances. 

How can I access Workforce Australia Services? 

If you’re already a jobactive participant you won’t need to manually register with Workforce Australia. 
You will be able to sign in to workforceaustralia.gov.au using your existing jobactive account details from Monday 4 July. Information from your jobactive account, including your Job Plan, will be available in a new Workforce Australia account. 
If you have any questions about the changes and your new employment service arrangements, you can: 

  • talk to your current provider or call CVGT Employment 
  • email [email protected] 
  • call the National Customer Service Line on 1800 805 260

You can also find out more about the new Workforce Australia employment service on the Department of Education, Skills and Employment website.

If you’re new to job seeker support

If you’re a new participant not registered with jobactive, you can register directly for Workforce Australia Online from 4 July at workforceaustralia.gov.au

If you find you would benefit from in-person support, you can contact Centrelink who will determine if you’re eligible for Workforce Australia Services from CVGT Employment. 

For CVGT Employment Workforce Australia locations visit cvgt.com.au/locations.  

If you are a job-ready participant

You will be placed in online services where you can manage your own employment search while receiving income support via Centrelink.  

If you need more support to get job ready

You will be placed as a participant with a Workforce Australia Employment Service Provider such as CVGT Employment.  

Workforce Australia, delivered by CVGT Employment, provides personalised services to help you secure suitable training to find and keep inclusive, secure and meaningful work.  

From 4 July, a new Points Based Activation System will give participants in the Workforce Australia program more choice and flexibility in how obligations are managed. CVGT Employment can explain how the new system will work and what it means for you. 

As a Workforce Australia provider, CVGT Employment will also support eligible job seekers aged 15-24 through the Transition to Work program across the Goulburn Murray and Border region of Victoria and New South Wales.  

CVGT Employment’s delivery of Disability Employment Services and ParentsNext remains unchanged. CVGT Employment also offers the youth program YConnect (supported by Jobs Victoria), as well as apprenticeship and traineeship placement and management through Group Training. 

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