Wendy gains confidence through CVGT Australia

From detailing cars to winning awards, Wendy has found a career in the disability sector thanks to the support and guidance of CVGT Launceston.

Wendy first registered with CVGT Australia in 2019, working casual hours at a car rental business, detailing
vehicles that had been returned. This was not a future that Wendy envisaged and with the encouragement of the CVGT Launceston team, she sent through an expression of interest to undertake a Certificate III Disability Support Course through Avidity.

Wendy was accepted into the course and commenced study both in the classroom and online. The juggle of study and work was a struggle however Wendy’s determination earned her an award of recognition.

“I have never received anything like this in my life,” says Wendy.

Last year, Wendy was invited to attend the Launceston Speed Interviewing Event hosted by CVGT Launceston.

CVGT Launceston plays matchmaker at its annual speed interviewing event to connect local business people and job seekers. The mini job interviews give candidates three minutes to land a job.

At the event, Wendy was given the opportunity to promote herself and practice interview techniques. She impressed a local business person with her professionalism and skill set, as well as the life experience she would be able to offer to potential clients. She was offered employment on that very day!

“I can’t believe this has happened to me. Never in my life did I think I would be able to complete a course that was out of my comfort zone but also find the confidence to attend the speed interviewing event… and somebody wanted to employ me,” says Wendy.

“I was washing cars and now look where I am! Dreams can come true.”

Fulfilling her career dream

Wendy is still following her dreams and working in the disability sector. This success story shows the positive impact of the Launceston Speed Interviewing Event, and how it can change a person’s life and give them the confidence and experience to make their dreams come true.

Wendy has since been nominated for student of the year award through Avidity.

Meet a Launceston job seeker at speed interviewing event

Looking for your perfect employee match? On Wednesday 12 May CVGT Launceston plays matchmaker at its annual Launceston Speed Interviewing event to connect local business people and job seekers.

The mini job interviews give candidates three minutes to land a job. That’s 180 seconds to meet your next employee. Then the bell rings and you move on to the next prospect.

We’d love you to join us as we connect more people to meaningful work.

Places are filling fast so if you’re local business who wants to contribute, network or grow your team, get in touch with CVGT Launceston manager Alexis Smith on 132 848 or [email protected]

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