A Wellness Dome for Interweave Arts

Local Work for the Dole participants have played an important role in the creation of a Wellness Dome which is set to be unveiled at a morning tea on Thursday 16th February.

The 12 Work for the Dole participants have learned valuable skills in how to plan, create and decorate a reusable Wellness Dome, which can be set up as a temporary working space for Interweave Arts to deliver community-based activities.

CVGT Australia Deputy CEO John Lynch said that the company was delighted to partner with Interweave Arts in this project that provides Work for the Dole participants with valuable work experience.

“Work for the Dole activities assist job seekers to acquire new skills and improve their chance of finding a job while giving back to the community.”

“The Interweave Arts project has provided our Work for the Dole participants with a fantastic opportunity to develop a range of work-like skills including design, hand-tool use, sewing, painting, photography and printing.”

“Participants have engaged in a range of workshops to develop skills and worked closely with their supervisors to complete the project.

“They also adopted Interweave Arts strong philosophy on sustainability, using research and exploration of various working techniques to recycle materials for all interior components of the Dome,” Mr Lynch said.

Interweave Arts is one of the largest community arts organisations in Northern Tasmania. Based in Launceston, Interweave Arts offers an arts workshop program and mentoring to individuals with disability.

The Wellness Dome will allow Interweave Arts to conduct events not dependant on other facilities being available. Designed as a safe and comforting space for the participants while undertaking group activities, the dome will feature decorations to enhance the feeling of wellbeing whilst participating in the activities.

Work for the Dole is funded by the Australian Government as part of Employment Services 2015-2020.

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