Tips for getting the job you want at a career expo

Career and job events are lighting up your calendar this time of year! So, if you’re a job seeker you might be asking ‘what can I do at a career expo?

1. What is a career expo?

Career’s expos and job fairs are valuable events if you are looking for your first job or wanting a career change. They’re an opportunity to meet employers, network, apply for jobs and make a lasting impression. To get the most out of attending you need to be prepared.

2. Research the businesses attending

Most career expos will publish a list of businesses attending on their website. Take the time to review the list and learn about the employers that interest you. Explore their website, get to know what the business is about, and have a look at any job vacancies they currently have available. This will help you have a great first meet and greet with a potential future employer at the expo. 

3. Take your resume

Give your resume a spruce before you attend. Make sure it is current, lists skills related to the employers you want to talk to and has up to date contact details. Try to keep it to one page if you can. Print multiple copies so you can hand your resume into potential employers you meet on the day.

If you are linked with CVGT Employment or would like to be, give us a call on 132 848 so we can help you prepare your resume before the event.

4.Prepare your introduction

To avoid feeling overwhelmed, anxious and to curb those nerves practice a short 30-60 second introduction. Talk about your skills, career goals, what you are looking for in a career and your interests. Keep it positive and don’t forget you’ll have your resume handy to refer too if you need prompting. 

5. Dress for success

Stand out from the crowd with a polished outfit! Employers will meet hundreds of eager job seekers on the day, so to give you a cut above the rest…dress for success. A nice shirt, pants and/or a skirt is a great casual meets business attire for a career expo. You want to be comfortable but professional.

6. Bring essential supplies

 You will need to take some essential supplies to get the most out of the career expo including.

  • Notepad
  • Pen
  • Mobile phone – you’ll be scanning QR codes so make sure you have 100% battery to get the most out of the day!
  • Copies of your resume

7. Prepare questions

Prepare questions you would like to ask potential employers. There is nothing worse than thinking ‘oh, I should have asked that’ after the event! Some question topics to consider 👇

  • Questions about a particular vacancy/role they have advertised
  • Questions about the hiring process
  • Questions about the business and what it’s like to work there
  • Questions about training you might need to undertake to apply for future roles

8. Follow up

Collect business cards as you meet and greet your way through the employers attending.  Then you will have contact details so you can follow up after the event to express your continued interest in working for their business.

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