Tasmania Oil provides flexibility for single parents

Tasmania Oil believes wholeheartedly in the benefits of flexible employment and family oriented workplaces.

The waste oil recovery business recently hired six people through a connection with Jannah from the CVGT Devonport office.

“Through the jobactive program, I’ve made some fantastic, long term business relationships with employers,” says Jannah.

“Hugh from Tasmania Oil manages a very family oriented workplace. He’s even provided ‘school hours’ to single dads who are raising their children without a support network.”

Until Tasmania Oil offered them work, single fathers Darren and Ray struggled to find an employer who could accommodate flexible hours in a role that fitted their skillsets.

Chris and Jayden have also been given a break here. Each had struggled in the past with casual and seasonal jobs, as well as long periods of unemployment.

“Tasmania Oil was willing to overlook gaps in their resumes. The business actively chose to give these men a chance to prove their abilities,” says Jannah.

“I heard one of them say, ‘This will be the best Christmas my kids have had in years’.”

Some days in employment services can be tough but stories like this give our work meaning.

“People are at different stages in their life and some need a lot of support and encouragement to get them to a point where they are ready to commit to work. It’s great to work with an employer who truly sees the value of the people seeking jobs.”

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