Supporting critical flood recovery in our communities

Much-needed funds will be presented to community agencies supporting flood-affected communities in Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania, under a CVGT Employment grants program. 

In total, $200,000 will be distributed between almost 50 organisations to help them to boost their capacity to meet the critical needs of people suffering from the aftereffects of 2022’s record floods. 

The money is coming from CVGT Employment’s Community Grants Scheme. 

“COVID affected our ability to run the grants scheme over the past few years, so we are delighted to be able to announce these important contributions,” CVGT Employment chair Liz Corbett said. 

“Natural disasters have devastated so many of the regions where we work and affected people in a variety of ways, so these grants are an investment in the services that support those who are in need of assistance.” 

As an organisation, we believe community matters, and this is just one way we are putting that conviction into action.

Liz Corbett
Chair, CVGT Employment

Organisations receiving grants cover a range of community needs, and include services for mental health support, crisis assistance, food distribution, legal supports, emergency response and community support. 

“The successful organisations have been chosen in recognition of their work to help their communities in exceptionally difficult circumstances,” CVGT Employment chief executive Jason Russell said. 

“We’re delighted to know the grants will ensure more meals can be prepared for those in need, more calls for help can be answered, and financial burdens can be eased.”

The messages of surprise, joy and gratitude we’ve received in response just demonstrate to us the importance of being involved in our communities at a grassroots level.

Jason Russell
CEO, CVGT Employment

CVGT Employment has been supporting people to find meaningful work for 40 years. 

The not-for-profit, for-purpose organisation has 128 locations across Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania.

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