A sculpture to represent New Horizons

Local Work for the Dole participants have played an important role in the creation of a sculpture which is set to be unveiled at a morning tea on Friday 25th August.

The 12 Work for the Dole participants have learned valuable skills in how to plan, create and install a highly visual marker for the New Horizons site. The sculptural work is located in the front yard of the Mowbray site, with high visibility to Invermay Rd and adjacent to the main entrance to the property.

CVGT Australia Acting Deputy CEO Vaughan Adams said that the company was delighted to partner with New Horizons in this project that provides Work for the Dole participants with valuable work experience.

“Work for the Dole activities assist job seekers to acquire new skills and improve their chance of finding a job while giving back to the community.” Mr Adams said.

“The New Horizons project has provided our Work for the Dole participants with a fantastic opportunity to develop a range of work-like skills including concept research, design, construction, hand-tool use, painting and project management skills. Participants have engaged in a range of workshops to develop skills and worked closely with their supervisors to complete the project.

“Participants also rose to the challenge of ensuring that the sculpture reflected the ethos, vision and values of the organisation,” Mr Adams added.

The sculpture is made up of a series of poles symbolically representing people involved with the organisation. Each person represents individual value and each person has unique abilities. Within the sculpture, each pole is at different height, angle and position. No two are the same and if one pole were to be changed or was absent it would be missed. Each part is vital to the overall pattern and is important to the group because of its differences –not despite them.

Since 1986, New Horizons Club Inc has remained a vital link between people with disability and their hopes and dreams of becoming involved in activities that most people take for granted. They allow people with disability to compete and participate at their own level, displaying their own unique skills and abilities.

Work for the Dole is funded by the Australian Government as part of Employment Services 2015-2020.

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