Safety focus for Tradies National Health Month

During August authorities are using Tradies National Health Month to promote safety and injury prevention in the construction industry.

Figures from Worksafe Victoria show tradespeople account for 60 per cent of all “injury and muscle disorders across all occupations”. Two in every five workers to suffer from a medical condition is a tradie.
The initiative’s focus is on reducing the number of musculoskeletal injuries and disorders attributed to the construction and trades sector. Mental wellbeing is also a priority for the campaign.

The benefits of fewer injuries for employers and workers are significant – reduced numbers of sick days, better physical and mental health, increased motivation and less turnover of staff.

Here at CVGT Australia we employ many apprentices and trainees in construction.

While WHS is critical for all workers, it is even more important in construction due to the increased level of risk on site or when using specialised equipment.

Add to this the majority of apprentices are young, and it is often their first experience in the workforce. It can be a high-risk combination.

CVGT ensures that every apprentice that we place is going to a safe workplace. Assessments are conducted with the employer prior to any commencement.

Each apprentice is also provided information regarding WHS, appropriate PPE, the process they should follow if any incidents occur and other training related to WHS in their induction.

Once on site, the apprentice is visited regularly by their consultant, and each discussion has a focus on any safety concerns the apprentice may have.

Our apprentices are well-trained, well-informed, have all the right PPE, so we set them up for safety and success.

Worksafe Victoria has a series of resources available, including toolkits for promoting good mental health, and information about the support available to injured workers.

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