Rod and Jacko smiling thanks to perfect match

Rod is smiling again after finding meaningful employment, with his mate Jacko by his side. 

Rod experiences anxiety and suffers from a wrist injury. Finding suitable work was proving a challenge. 

When employment consultant Steph from CVGT Australia’s Wodonga branch met Rod, she noticed his biggest strength was he had a positive attitude toward work. 

Steph was excited by the challenge of finding something suited to Rod’s personality and unique needs. 

“Rod always came in with a smile on his face and was always happy to discuss different work options,” she says. “He has an open mind and happy to give new opportunities a go.”  

Steph helped Rod get work ready – assisting with resume writing, presentation and job interviewing skills. 

Rod landed a job interview with Southern Asset Services, and was offered a job on the spot. 

“I remember how his face lit up after the job interview,” Steph says. “He was already feeling so much better about himself just because he had been offered a job.” 

Rod’s employer has been understanding about his personal circumstances, agreeing to let him bring his support dog, a Jack Russell named Jacko, to work. 

CVGT Steph and Rod all smiles

And Rod couldn’t be happier. 

“The girls at CVGT are the best, they’ve helped me through some difficult times and I appreciate everything they do,” Rod says. 

“Having Jacko with me at work is awesome.” 

Rod’s manager, Gary, is happy to have Rod and Jacko on board, and he is pleased with the results of employing staff through CVGT Australia. 

“I’ve been really happy working with CVGT – Dimitti and Steph have been great to deal with,” Gary says. 

“I’ve had a lot of success with the applicants that have been put forward – I have worked with other employment agencies in the past who couldn’t meet our needs.” 

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