Ramie takes the cake in job search

When Ramie turned 25, his employer Gary pulled an all-nighter to bake him cake.

Cakes aren’t Gary’s forte. His expertise is importing and exporting, which he showcases in his Bayswater business, Get Posh. But he’s developing a strong rapport with Raime and says the kitchen shenanigans are worth it.

Ramie lacked self-confidence, but Paul, his CVGT Australia employment consultant, recognised straight up that he had a lot to offer. He knew Ramie just needed someone to believe in him, so he could learn to believe in himself.

“We let Ramie lead the conversation on the type of work he wanted. That meant CVGT Australia could match him to the right roles, and find an employer who was willing to give him a go,” says Paul.

With CVGT Australia’s support Ramie participated in Job Search Training and the motivational Bounce Program that also offers work-readiness training. Ramie’s confidence grew and he was the standout candidate on Global Accessibility Awareness Day in November 2019, when he shadowed staff in the Knox City Council rates department.

The council was impressed and made moves to offer Ramie a business traineeship. The pandemic put hiring on pause. Not wanting to lose momentum, Ramie enrolled in a business degree with Swinburne University. He was also still keen to work. So, Paul approached Gary to let him know what Ramie had to offer. Gary was intrigued by Ramie’s skills and invited him for an interview and work trial.

Ramie proved his worth instantly by making improvements to the invoicing system. Ramie administers invoices and works with customers. He has represented the company at trade shows and has become an integral member of the Get Posh family.

Ramie is simply the best person who could have been sent for my business. I am very grateful CVGT referred Ramie, he is doing an excellent job.

Gary, Get Posh

Gary and Ramie from Get Posh
Gary and Ramie

Ramie is equally thrilled with the partnership. “I am very happy with the job, it’s a perfect fit with my business studies course. I am really enjoying the work and I am thankful CVGT put me forward to Gary and Get Posh.”

For Paul, seeing supportive employers matched with a job-ready candidate is rewarding. “Having supportive employers, such as Gary, job seekers have the chance to thrive in employment.

“Ramie thrives thanks to an open-minded employer and work that complements his study. He’s supported and encouraged by a boss who appreciates seeing people grow and contributing to the business.”

Gary also knows that if problems do emerge, he can chat with Paul to sort things out. That support from CVGT Australia is icing on the cake.

“Whenever I have a vacancy, I call CVGT. Their service is free, and I feel that I am supporting my local community by employing their job-ready candidates.”

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