Problem solver Indi is here to help

For Indi, job satisfaction is found in solving a problem and seeing a smile on a colleague’s face. 

The business analyst based at our Long Gully corporate centre in Bendigo says he spends his days talking to other staff about the problems they face, and finding ways to fix those issues. 

“[I have] lots of coffees and meetings with stakeholders of different projects, analysing requirements and researching solutions,” he says. 

“My day is made when I get to witness the happiness on people’s faces when a solution that I propose makes their lives easier. 

“Making our staff’s lives easier eventually means making lives better for our job seekers.” 

This focus on job seekers, Indi says, is important to our organisation. 

“Once you’re here you’re not just working for you, you’re not just working for an organisation, but you are working for the betterment of the outside world.” 

Indi says since joining CVGT Australia, he’s discovered the team is compassionate and supportive. 

“No matter what department you belong to, people always make sure to support you to get through your projects, or sometimes even your day. 

“I love the diversity I experience here – I can walk into any meeting room and see different people, culturally diverse and skillfully diverse, and I am always fascinated by that.” 

You can learn more here about what it’s like to work with us at CVGT Australia.

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