Plating up the possibilities

Acre Farm and Eatery at Burwood Brickworks is one of the largest urban agricultural projects in Australia.

Sustainable cooking and farming practices are front and centre here, and the team wanted positive values to be reflected in their people practices too.

Acre’s general manager Nick is passionate about creating enriching and ongoing employment opportunities for people with disability.

The organisation has sourced five employees through their relationship with business development consultant Candice from CVGT Greensborough.

Candice helped Justin to join Acre’s cafe team. He has cerebral palsy and an intellectual disability. Justin loves working at Acre.

He is well supported there by manger Stevie-Lee and second in charge Lisa who each have family members living with a disability.

Employees with disabilities usually start out as Acre’s kitchen hands and food runners. Once they gain experience, they get the change to work in other areas such as garden maintenance, hydroponics or tending to chickens.

At the moment, Acre has 75 staff. The business is updating its employment manual with an inclusive intention for five per cent of future staff to come through disability employment providers. That’s the kind of commitment we love to see.

Disability Employment Services

Creating inclusive employment for every person and business.

The road to work might feel a bit bumpy if you have a disability, injury or health condition. In 2019-20, the CVGT Australia team made the journey easier for 3729 people. We helped each person to gain new skills and the confidence to find and keep a job. We provided ongoing support and training as people settled into their workplace. Our employer clients were happy too, because they found great new team members. Meaningful work changed things for everyone.

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