Narre Warren ParentsNext partnering with Share the Dignity

With the cost of living on the rise ParentsNext Transition Support Coaches, Stephanie and Ashley realised their participants were struggling and foregoing essential items.

Share the Dignity works to make an on-the-ground difference in the lives of women experiencing homelessness or doing it tough. The organisation distributes sanitary items to those in need and work to end period poverty in Australia. CVGT Employment Narre Warren has proudly partnered with Share the Dignity to assist women who desperately need access to period products.

“[We] noticed our PNP’s advising how they were struggling financially. Steph and I spoke about it and researched if this could be a service of use for our program and then registered online.” Ashleys says.

Having partnered with Share the Dignity before, Stephanie has witnessed the difference the organisation makes.

“We have formed bonds with most of our clients and the community and love being able to help. Seeing the relief on their faces and knowing we are doing the right thing is amazing.” says Stephanie about what inspired her to go above and beyond.

Support from local businesses ensured this endeavour was a success, with many connecting with CVGT Employment Narre Warren to supply much needed items for ParentsNext participants.

Not stopping there, Ashley and Stephanie also provide donated toys for children of participants and gift certificates.

“Ashley and Stephanie have both done an excellent job in garnering support for their participants in the Narre Warren area. The donations they have received and given out have all been on their own doing with no input from me other than to praise them for the work they have done.” ParentsNext South East Manager, Karen says.

“As the participants are from low socio-economic background every little bit helps and the girls should be commended on their great work.”

If you are struggling and need support connect with one of our employment consultants today – call 132 848 or visit

Ashley with ParentsNext participant, Eliese and son Landyn.

The team at Narre Warren is ensuring that everyone is afforded the dignity in life that so many of us take for granted.

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