Nik finds balance in support role 

Not everyone at CVGT Australia is a front-line worker, out in the community and directly engaging with job seekers and employers. 

There is a great group of people working behind the scenes to support that effort. Nik is a perfect example of a CVGT Australia team member finding satisfaction helping his colleagues to do their jobs well. 

Nik is an accountant and part of the CVGT Australia finance team. 

“Knowing that while we’re not directly involved in supporting people to find work, we know that the work we do still helps people to find work and get them back out there in the community doing things they love to do,” he says. 

“It’s a big company, but it feels like a small, close-knit team as well.” 

Nik also appreciates the inclusivity and community focus of the CVGT Australia workforce. 

“All the decisions that happen at CVGT, it’s all community-minded so you know that everything is put back into the community – it’s very rewarding and unique. 

“Everything I’ve seen here has been really positive. I would definitely say it’s a very inclusive workplace, it’s a fun place to be and supportive as well. 

“It’s supportive, engaging and meaningful.” 

You can learn more here about what it’s like to work with us at CVGT Australia. 

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