Media release: Full speed ahead for job interviews

On Wednesday 12 May CVGT Australia is set to play matchmaker at its annual Launceston Speed Interviewing event that connects local business people and job seekers.

More than 50 employers will hold mini-interviews to give candidates three minutes to land a job. That’s 180 seconds for an employer to meet their next employee. Then the bell rings and it’s time to move on to the next prospect.

This is the second year CVGT Australia has hosted the innovative event, with 70 per cent of past candidates securing employment or training, said CVGT Australia Chief Operating Officer Peter Barnes. Mr Barnes said the event would give candidates the opportunity to expand their networks, practice interview skills and gain confidence.

“CVGT Australia’s purpose is to connect people to meaningful work, and we are continually committed to creating new, exciting and alternative pathways for our participants to gain employment. This event has been very successful in the past and I am sure this year will bring more successful employment connections,” he said.

Candidates receive real interview experience in a supportive, welcoming and positive environment, said CVGT Launceston Manager Alexis Smith.

“The interaction that takes place between employers and participants is positive and mutually beneficial. The room is buzzing with energy and it’s quite exciting to watch. Employers tell us every day that finding suitable people is a challenge, so this event gives them the opportunity to gain insights that they can’t get solely from a resume,” Mrs Smith said.

Post-interviews, candidates receive constructive feedback that will allow them to develop their employability skills further and increase their confidence.

“If all goes well, employers receive the contact details of participants, with the end goal of them connecting to meaningful work,” said Mr Barnes.

Join CVGT Australia to connect more people to meaningful work on Wednesday 12 May from
1pm-3.30pm at Launceston Conference Centre – Door of Hope, 50 Glen Dhu Street, Launceston.

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Employers and job seekers at last year’s CVGT Australia speed interviewing event in Launceston.

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