Local donation helps Angus’s dream come true

Wangaratta local Angus Lawford is on track to complete his studies with some help from Harvey Norman Wangaratta and the CVGT Australia Wangaratta Office.

CVGT Australia Deputy CEO John Lynch said that Angus has a passion for sport, but living with a congenital abnormality has placed obstacles in his way of becoming a qualified gym instructor.

“Angus recently started studying a Diploma in Sport Development, but a combination of his health condition, and only having access to a computer while at school has made it difficult for him to stay on top of his studies.

“Our Disability Employment Services (DES) employment representative Anissa Kay stepped in and wrote to Nate Bartlet Franchisee of Harvey Norman to see if they could help Angus.

“To our delight, Mr Bartlet called Anissa to say that not only would Harvey Norman donate a laptop to Angus, that HP Computers wanted to upgrade it,” Mr Lynch said.

The donation means that Angus will have the best chance at completing his studies.

CVGT DES employment representative Anissa Kay said she was delighted to be able to work with job seekers like Angus to achieve their employment goals.

“We never underestimate our job seekers. We believe in their abilities and work with them to help them achieve their employment goals – no matter the barrier.

“We offer a very personal service tailoring training and assistance to suit our job seekers.

“Angus has a bright future and I look forward to the day that he becomes a qualified gym instructor.

“I’m grateful to Nate and Harvey Norman for being part of this journey,” Ms Kay said.

CVGT Australia’s Disability Employment Service (DES) assists job seekers with disability to gain and maintain employment in the open employment market or assistance with being self-employed.


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