Lilly rises from trainee to full time employee at Bendigo Day Surgery

Once a trainee through CVGT Australia’s Group Training program, Lilly is going from strength to strength in her new full-time role at Bendigo Day Surgery.

As a trainee, Lilly completed her Certificate IV in Sterilisation. Through her strong work ethic and dedication to the traineeship, she was offered a full-time position in October as an instrument technician in the sterilising department.
Lilly still recalls the phone call from CVGT Australia that changed her life.

“CVGT called me and offered me the position – I cried that time, tears of joy,” Lilly says.

“I feel really proud of myself.

“When I went to training, it was really interesting. I got to know different types of surgical instruments, what the instrument’s for, and how to get them ready for the doctors to use.”

Sally, Lilly and Natalia at Bendigo Day Surgery

Lilly was supported through her traineeship by CVGT Australia apprentice and trainee consultant Natalia, who developed a close relationship with Lilly.

“It’s been an amazing experience to watch Lilly grow and get her qualification – I feel extremely honoured to have gone through the last 12 months with her,” she says.

“She’s done an amazing job under sometimes hard circumstances. I’ve got tears in my eyes, I’m so proud.”

Manola, manager of the sterilising department at Bendigo Day Surgery, is happy to have Lilly on board full-time and believes Lilly’s willingness to learn is her biggest strength.

“Lilly is always eager to learn and that’s one of the things in here that you need to have – always eager to learn, even me who’s been here for 30 years,” Manola says.

“She’s done really well with doing that and brings a nice calming, relaxed atmosphere to the place too.”

For Lilly, this is just the start of a successful and rewarding career with Bendigo Day Surgery. She is thankful for the traineeship opportunity, and her continuing relationship with Natalia.

“With Natalia, she’s amazing and I like her sense of humour, she’s really supportive and really nice – it’s easy to talk to her, she’s beautiful.”

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