Kyle finds sweet spot in doughnut dreamland

Singing, dancing and making sweet treats – it sounds like a dream job.

For Kyle, employment with Walker’s Doughnuts in Bendigo is fun and, at the same time, arming him with valuable new skills.

“It’s a good place,” he says. “I enjoy the people and I’m enjoying working and making doughnuts.”

When the store – the first Walker’s Doughnuts outlet in regional Victoria – opened at the Bendigo Marketplace during 2021, owner Adam needed new staff to get the operation up and running.

He called several local employment agencies, but says he was drawn to CVGT Australia by the recruitment service on offer.

“We were able to, with one phone call, tap into a network of candidates, get people to apply and set up interviews,” Adam says.

“It was a lot easier than having to organise your own people and have the hassle of all the pre-screening of candidates.”

One of the people to emerge was Kyle, a participant in the Disability Employment Services program.

“He hit the ground running, straight away from day one,” Adam says. “He’s always on time, if not early, and joined the team straight away. He always has fun and enjoys the work.

“He’s always got an amount of jobs he needs to get done in a certain amount of time, and he always gets it done – no fuss at all.”

It’s not all work, though.

“We have a little sing and a dance,” Adam says. “I might be a better singer, but he’s definitely got me when it comes to dancing.”

Kyle’s successful start to work is pleasing for his CVGT Australia consultant, Lorinne.

“This role has given Kyle the opportunity to grow into a more confident person and valued member of a team in a very fast-paced environment,” Lorinne says.

“Kyle was able to expand on his kitchen skills and within two months was promoted to the jam-filling role, which he completes with confidence and pride.

“He enjoys going to work and has a great laugh with the other members. He’s become a more confident communicator, an independent and happy person.”

“We have developed a strong relationship with Adam, making sure expectations have been met by the employer and Kyle.

“CVGT have been constantly in touch with the employer to ensure that Kyle is supported in his work.”

Adam says the support provided to help his business find and employ new staff takes a weight off his mind.

“I would highly recommend other businesses to do it,” he says.

“It’s always nice to know you’ve got some support with staff, and the weight is not just on your shoulders. You can reach out and ask for assistance, for them to sit down with a staff member if required.”

“If you’ve got tasks that are within anyone’s capabilities, whether they have a disability or not, then you’re going to have a successful team.

“You need to make sure that all the tasks that you have are within every staff member’s capability and with room to grow a little bit, but also making sure they’re happy and supported.”

Lorinne has seen how Kyle has benefitted from that support.

“Adam has been a great boss to Kyle, nurturing him along the way and ensuring he has the capacity to carry out the tasks in a proficient manner.

“He goes out of his way to make Kyle feel welcomed and a valued employee.”

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