Jenn connects with community

Our work at CVGT Australia often takes us up close to the daily life and struggles of people we support, and for Jenn this is where she sees an opportunity to help. 

Jenn is the Disability Employment Services program manager at our Bendigo branch, and says she loves the connection her job gives her with the community. 

“(We) take pride in being able to get out in the community and support community events,” she says. 

“It’s just like a family.” 

Jenn started at CVGT Australia as an employment consultant, and says she found enjoyment in supporting people to find meaningful work. 

“I really enjoy working with people who struggle to do everyday things, whether that’s just being happy or physical disabilities. 

“Finding them work is really rewarding because a lot of people don’t have the confidence in themselves to think they’re capable of working. 

“When you build them up and get them into a role that suits the person and their abilities, it’s just fantastic. 

“They just beam. It’s beautiful.” 

Ultimately, finding people the right job is where Jenn finds enjoyment in her work. 

“When we get that person who hasn’t had a job for ages into employment, you get the ‘warm fuzzies’,” she says. 

“Everybody is really excited and happy.” 

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