Jason delivers perfect employment fit at Duel Express Ballarat

When Jason approached CVGT Australia he was feeling depressed, and although he wanted to work, his personal challenges made it difficult for him to more forward.

The CVGT Ballarat team helped Jason to overcome these barriers and organised for him to meet Brendan and Les, the owners of local freighting business Duel Express. Duel Express had previously contacted CVGT Australia for support in finding a new employee that was the right fit for their business.

After working with Jason to provide support for him during the interview process, Jason started employment with Duel Express in a sorting and delivery role in February 2020.

Jason has worked constantly throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and has become a valued member of the business. He is extremely happy in his role, and Brendan and Les have enjoyed his sense of humour and willingness to work.

The team at CVGT Ballarat have kept the lines of communication open with Duel Express to check in, provide support and deliver feedback when needed.

Employers like Duel Express are hard to find, and CVGT would like to thank Brendan and Les for giving Jason this opportunity. We are heading down the path to maintain long term sustainable employment for Jason which is the perfect result.

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The road to work might feel a bit bumpy if you have a disability, injury or health condition. In 2019-20, the CVGT Australia team made the journey easier for 3729 people. We helped each person to gain new skills and the confidence to find and keep a job. We provided ongoing support and training as people settled into their workplace. Our employer clients were happy too, because they found great new team members. Meaningful work changed things for everyone.

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