How inclusive employment changes lives

How inclusive employment changes lives. Sophie Gardner from CVGT Australia.

CVGT believes in inclusive communities. We partner with diversity-focused, inclusive employers to ensure everyone has the opportunity to thrive in employment.

As a Disability Employment Services (DES) provider, we help people with a disability, injury or health condition find and keep a job. We help employers find staff for their business by referring potential employees.

“It’s not just about hiring an employee – it’s a chance to change lives and your workplace,” says CVGT’s Sophie.

People with disability make excellent employees and bring a wealth of knowledge and skills to organisations, and they often stay in their job longer. There’s significant support to assist organisations in becoming inclusive employers.

“Not much has to change in a business – don’t be scared of disability,” Sophie says. “We can provide support and guidance on hiring a person.”

This includes helping the new employee settle into their job, provide advice on work place modifications, if needed, and providing wage subsidies for employing an eligible participant.

CVGT is part of the Champions for Change initiative that is raising awareness about inclusive employment and opportunities for business. Sophie and colleague Simone feature in the Champions of Change Inclusive Employment webinar. They are part of the wider CVGT team working within our communities to highlight the positive impact employing a person with disability can have on not just the individual but also their families.

The Champions for Change – Inclusive Employment Guide for Businesses has additional information on hiring a person with disability.

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