Gradual Return to Mutual Obligation Requirements

As announced by Senator the Hon Michaelia Cash, Minister for Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business, mutual obligation requirements will recommence in a limited capacity from Tuesday 9 June 2020.

This gradual approach to the reintroduction of compulsory mutual obligation requirements will support job seekers to engage with employment services and adjust to mutual obligations requirements being in place.

Throughout the gradual return, job seekers are expected to do all they can to find a job. To assist them, the Department will provide clear and timely information to job seekers about their requirements via direct messaging and email, as well as offering additional information through fact sheets, resources, and online information.

From Tuesday 9 June, job seekers are required to participate in at least one appointment with their employment services provider. Generally, these would be online or by phone, but may be face to face depending on the job seeker’s circumstances, COVID-19 restrictions and health advice. At this meeting, job seekers may negotiate or update Job Plans and receive advice about the local labour market and employment opportunities, and where appropriate, referred to other support services.

No financial penalties or suspensions will apply if a job seeker fails to participate in an appointment.  In this situation, providers will need to reschedule an appointment if job seekers do not participate. 

Special circumstances exemptions will continue to be available from Services Australia for job seekers who require them. In addition, sole traders and those who are self-employed will continue to be exempted from requirements to allow them to work to re-establish their business.

Webinars, Fact Sheets and support materials will be provided to employment services providers during the week of 1 June.

If you have questions about the gradual return to Mutual Obligation Requirements, please reach out to us on 13 28 48, or contact us online. Details of further changes to mutual obligation requirements will be made available in the coming weeks.

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