Goal setter Alexa’s path to employment

goal setter Alexa

Goal setting has become the foundation of success for young indigenous woman Alexa.

After being bullied, Alexa made the difficult decision to leave school on the caveat that she find a job. However, with no previous employment history and unsure of her career path, Alexa connected with CVGT’s Transition to Work (TtW) program.

When Alexa joined the program, she was shy and apprehensive about the service. CVGT TtW consultant Dylan provided Alexa with the support she needed to gain confidence, realise her career goals and create a pathway to achieve independence.

As part of the program, the 16-year-old was encouraged to set short term goals – something that could be achieved in three months, and a long-term goal – something to be achieved in 12 months.

One of Alexa’s goals was to gain employment, so with the support of Dylan, she began the process of getting work ready by creating a resume, writing application letters and practising mock interviews.

After four months of coaching, Alexa was well prepared to pursue part-time employment. She decided to focus on the retail industry as this was something she would enjoy and it would help to increase her social skills.

CVGT was on hand to guide Alexa through the job application process and help her submit applications with all the major local retailers. Within two months, Alexa was successful in securing a part-time position at a Woolworths store in Echuca.

Alexa has now exceeded her goal of six months employment with Woolworths.

The CVGT team continues to work with Alexa to achieve her next goal of obtaining her learners permit. Alexa is also working towards her long-term goal, which is to obtain her probationary licence and move into a full-time position.

Well done Alexa on achieving your goals in work and life.

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