Extra support for mature-aged job seekers

Unemployed people over 45 years are set to become more competitive in the job market through a new Australian government program commencing July 1.

The Career Transition Assistance (CTA) program will provide mature-aged job seekers with additional support and training to help them get a job.

CVGT Australia Acting Chairman Dave Richardson said participants will receive an individually tailored program to strengthen their employment outcomes.

“As an innovative and diverse provider of employment services we are excited to introduce and deliver the Career Transition Assistance program.

“Mature-age workers make a significant contribution to our local communities and it is important that we provide them with tailored assistance to gain and maintain employment.

“The program has been designed to provide the appropriate supports to enable job seekers to secure long-term employment, which is a fundamental component of job seekers overall wellbeing,” said Mr Richardson.

CVGT Australia CTA Contract Manager Lisa Georgeson said the program will empower mature age job seekers to become more competitive in their local job markets.

“CVGT will work with CTA participants to increase their knowledge and skills around technology, strengthen resilience and identify long-term, sustainable employment opportunities”, said Ms Georgeson.

CVGT Australia will deliver the CTA program from its offices across the Goulburn Murray, North Eastern Melbourne, North Western Melbourne, Western Melbourne and Wimmera Mallee employment regions.

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