Echuca home maintenance business grows its team through CVGT

Echuca home maintenance business grows its team through CVGT

There was an instant connection when business owners Matt and Julie met jobseeker Jake.

Kylie from our Ballarat CVGT team had been working with Southern Cross Home Maintenance Service to find the right person to join their local business. When Matt and Julie met Jake, they immediately wanted to give him the opportunity to work within their business.

Jake had been working with CVGT for an extended period. The team had been helping Jake to overcome his speech difficulties and build on his strengths and interests to prepare him for employment.

Since finishing year 12 at Ballarat Specialist School, Jake had managed to gain volunteer experience but was yet to find an employer who would give him an opportunity to prove himself.

Thanks to Matt and Julie, Jake was given a gardening position at Southern Cross Home Maintenance for eight hours per week. Matt organised for Jake, who doesn’t have a licence, to be picked up and dropped off by another staff member whom he works alongside. 

In his new role, Jake has learnt a range of skills from gardening to mowing, weeding and yard cleanups and has become part of a team. With the help of Southern Cross Home Maintenance and staff at the Ballarat CVGT office, Jake has developed other skills such as work ethic, communication, time management, organisation and… the importance of having the right gear with you and packing your lunch!

“CVGT has helped me lots. They have helped me to get a job and not be in the house doing nothing,” says Jake.

Since employing Jake, Matt and Julie have employed more team members through CVGT. Thank you Matt and Julie for being so generous in providing the opportunity for people to join your business and thrive.

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